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We specialize in providing full-service video production to big or small projects. We have our own studio filled with everything any production could need to film in Miami!

Product Videography Using Cinema Robot

Product Videography Using Cinema Robot
Product Videography Using Cinema Robot

Inspire your audience and build your brand

Product videos are among the most effective and engaging ways to inspire and convey your message to your customers. To get started, you need to have an idea for the message you want to convey. Our specialists can help you with storyboards, sets, mansions, and technical choices.

Capture the life of your business

Get an audience with full service video production Miami. Miami Video Service supports all types of businesses, from funded startups to businesses of any type, engaging visitors, providing high-impact demonstrations, virtual reality, and creating corporate videos with specific targeted messages. By doing so, we will entertain your visitors and grab their attention to take the next step.

We are proud to provide internal and external video marketing services South Florida to help you win more customers. The industries we specialize in include automotive, finance, healthcare, luxury items, pharmaceuticals, marine, real estate (mansions), retail, technology, and more. Our Product photography service has no match.

The corporate video also offers effective internal communication for the company and provides a wide range of solutions. Whether you need to prepare your new hires or introduce new policies to your staff, our video marketing service south Florida is the right option for your business.

If you need to introduce a new product or service to your staff or customers, you may need a series of instructional videos. When looking for a new investor for your business or Product photography service, we can help you present your ideas and gain support by producing an impressive investor presentation video with cinebot.

Whatever your occasion or need is for webcasting, Miami Video Service is an affordable full service video production Miami that helps you succeed and brings a scenic view towards your business.

Green Screen Video Production

Green Screen Video Production
What is a Green Screen?

The green screen can be a backdrop, wall, or cloth - as you might expect - green. We use green color as it is not a common color on skin and clothes.

Through a process known as "chroma-keying," we select the green color and remove it from the entire video. This makes it simple to add another background to your work, such as an interview, training video, or camera.

This practice is helpful for budgetary reasons, such as when the venue is too expensive to hire and for technical reasons such as busy places, noisy places, or simply safety and health issues.

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Determined to make the impossible possible

In Hollywood, often green screens are practiced to bring thrill and virtual reality in the movie, such as placing the actor in fantasy worlds or on another planet. But in the case of corporate video, the reason is generally down to earth.

If your venue has noise issues or safety and health restrictions, you can use the green screen to shoot off-site interviews. This allows you to overlay an image of the venue behind the interviewee, and no doubt, it's a cheap option.

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Our Green Screen Solutions

We at Miami Video Service offer a wide range of solutions for shooting with a green screen. Our biggest asset is our studio in Miami. We have several portable green screens such as pop-up green screens, and green cloth is also available and used in any location. If the green screen is best for your project, feel free to contact us right now for full service video production Miami, we'll do it for you.

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Live Video Production

Live Video Production
Live Video Production
Miami Video Service is your #1 choice for live video streaming or video marketing service south Florida

Want to reach your target audience safely and quickly during COVID-19? At Miami Video ServiceX, we will stream your social events such as sports, fashion, the red carpet, events in Mansions, virtual tours, music, product launches, and more directly to your audience’s screens. We use single or multi-remote, cinebot, or social-interval camera snaps with broadcast-quality audio and custom graphics.

Maximize reach, manage media spending, and attract viewers with live streaming content that inspires conversations is our prime objective. With our efficient live video streaming service, sacrificing quality is by no means an option.

We guarantee that you always have the highest quality video for today's standards, such as Facebook or Instagram Live, Livestream, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitch, and more.

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Live Stream Broadcast and Video Marketing Service South Florida

If you're hosting an event and searching for professional live streaming or webcasting full service video production Miami to stream your event, call us and ask how to turn your event into a professional live production. Having years of industry experience, we take pride in the quality and guarantee the most affordable service.

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Music Video Production

Music Video Production

Let the music play

We are an innovative music video and Video marketing service South Florida company, and behind every professional music video is a team with the same talent and passion as us! We are an expert producer of music videos, event highlights, album promotions, and everything in between.

From aspiring artists to big brands and chart-top bands, we know that music videos are an essential part of your brand as well as for your marketing strategy. Our Full service video production Miami is cheap to fit any budget size and any genre of music.

If you are planning a music video, we would like to discuss the project. We are creative video professionals with a passion for great music. Contact us today for a non-obligatory quote.

Music Video Production and Product Photography Service

Besides professional music videos, we offer full service and expert guidance from concepts and strategies to video production and activation. Our team of writers, directors, art directors, and editors pushes the boundaries of music video production and creates visually appealing content.

Commercial Video Production

Miami Video Service video production gives you access to years of experience in commercial and scenic video production with cinebot.

Every video project we work on demands a different concept, style, length, and format. So if you don't see the example you need, our in-house creative expert can develop your look.

Commercial Video Production
YouTube and Facebook Video Ads

Miami Video Service takes advantage of the latest trends in developing ads for the web. It's crucial to us that videos for YouTube and Facebook are optimized for this format, including on-screen text, unique creatives, and other social-first elements. For a perfect and cheap ad, you might need our product photography service too.

Commercial Video ProductionCommercial Video Production
TV Commercial Production

TV commercials provide excellent brand awareness and enhance your brand identity in the market. At Miami Video Service, the commercials we produce are often the main content of advertising campaigns for many clients. Before considering filming a TV commercial, we will work with you to gather the necessary research and insights. We pay attention to learn about your business, industry, and your target audience.

Commercial Video Production
State-of-the-art Video Equipment

Our team has the latest state-of-the-art video production equipment and latest software, and multiple lighting packages. We are bringing scenic views with an affordable budget.

Event Production Services in Miami

Miami Video Service also provides full service event production services as well as providing equipment rentals. Our services range from simply delivering our audio rental equipment to your location, to delivery + setup of the audio equipment rentals at your event, to fully producing your entire event from design to execution. If you're interested in hiring us to produce your entire event, don't hesitate to give us a call and discuss details. Check out what we can do:

Event Production Services in Miami


  • 4K Camera Rentals
  • HD LED Walls
  • Event Live Streaming
Event Production Services in Miami


  • Design & print all event promo materials
  • Fabrication of all event props & furniture
  • Crew for setup and tear down
Event Production Services in Miami


  • We rent lighting equipment
  • Provide Delivery & Pickup
  • Provide event lighting setup and tear down

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